+teen wolf;  

+teen wolf;  i think i just forgot how to breathe;  


Will he make it out alive? Alright, alright, no church in the wild.

+teen wolf;  

+teen wolf;  

+teen wolf;  offensive your face is offensive;  


ok but singer!derek and deaf!stiles where Derek sings to Stiles at night when they’re curled together in bed and Stiles lays his fingers against Derek’s throat to feel the vibrations from his voice

+sterek;  i'm not crying you're crying;  


It’s been a long time coming. And now it’s finally happnened.#TheUniting , at last , with @realgrumpycat

+i think i just forgot how to breathe;  somewhere in this beautiful blue ball we call 'world' colton is still laughing his ass off;  

+teen wolf;  brotp: crooked jaw and moles;  

+teen wolf;  

+teen wolf;  i hate u all;  

We can try. We can always try.

+teen wolf;  

I crept into your heart

I crept into your heart


+i think i just forgot how to breathe;  [sobs into the floor for a whole eternity];  fUCK yOU;  


Actual child

+offensive your face is offensive;  this is the only think i will talk about from the movie awards;  jk;  but i really need a life tho;